IOT Services​

IOT Services

In this modern technological era, internet of things (IOT) is not new to us. It is not just a new buzzword doing the rounds. It is real and it is here. Internet of things are invented to make our life smooth and more comfortable. Any business can use IoT service to enhance business performance as well as work productivity. But, the most important is proper implementation. Especially, in the manufacturing and health industry, IoT solution is significantly beneficial for machines, organizing tools and people simultaneously and in a systematic way. Delostyle studio is always there to help you build great products with our IoT solutions that match your business requirements perfectly.

Here, we believe in coming up with new-age, innovative, out of the box solutions and techniques of approaching age old issues for the client and in the meantime our solutions are cost effective as well. When these are combined with our experience with IoT it will certainly gives the most feasible solution to the problem in context. So if you are looking for something out of the box for your business, we can assure you that we will prove to be a perfect solution as per your requirements.
Enable Insights
We offer operational dashboard devices for close ongoing analysis of products, assets and service usage trends. We likewise create LoB applications that incorporate close constant device information with relevant 3rd party data.
Device Connectivity and Management
We create software agents that empower industry endpoints, including legacy gadgets, to interface with the cloud. Our solutions incorporate management portal for centralized resource checking, remote diagnostics and updates, and other summon and control situations.
Advanced Analytics
We create data models and supporting applications that generate expectations about likely business results, and triggers related actions. In addition, we make applications that apply predictive modeling alongside historical data to give close ongoing recommendations.
Data Visualization
We develop custom IoT User Experience that matches best with client’s business requirements.


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