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How to Use Squarespace as a Beginner?

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Are you someone who wants to try out Squarespace? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Everything will be covered in this blog post, starting with the fundamentals, creating your account, designing, creating your website, and blogging with Squarespace. Whether you are new to web development or simply need a review on the fundamentals, we will discuss how Squarespace works and things about it from scratch!

Follow the steps below to ace the best Squarespace experience:

  1. Choose a template

It’s crucial to pick the ideal template for your project because it will determine how your website will look and function. Think about the kind of site you want to develop before selecting the finest template for your requirements. Choose a template that is intended for this use if you’re building a portfolio website, for instance.

Before pursuing Squarespace’s template selection, consider the aesthetic you want to achieve and then go for it. Featuring one of the best content management systems, Squarespace allows you to view a demo of each template to see how it appears with the sample content or use that template to build a test site and give it a go.

  1. Set up pages

Squarespace makes page creation simple and straightforward to understand. You must first log into your account before you can use the page editor. Next, you can update current pages or add new ones from this point. Following this, you will be asked to choose a template when creating a new page.

There are several pre-designed templates available on this best content management system, and each one has features that can be changed. You can begin adding material to your page after choosing a template.

  1. Create content

One of the most crucial steps in creating a Squarespace site is by adding relevant content to it. Squarespace’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to produce content that looks professional and top-notch. Start by heading to your website’s Pages section to start creating content.

You can do this by selecting the “+” sign at the front of the page. You can begin by adding text, images, videos, and other content to a page after you have clicked on the one you want to edit. Drag and drop the various items into the page to get it done. Additionally, you can format your information using the rich text editor. Once done, preview and publish!


  1. Publish your site

The publication is the last stage. By now, you have already discovered that it’s the best content management system for a reason – it’s so user-friendly, and whatever option you are looking for is right in front of you. Go to Settings on the Home Menu in Squarespace and choose Domains to get rolling. Furthermore, to buy a domain name or to link a domain you already own, click “Connect a Domain” and then follow the instructions. Once your domain is linked, select “Make Primary” from the menu.

Now, your domain becomes the principal one that’s connected to your website. The following action is to select “Publish” from the Home Menu; on doing so, your website becomes accessible online and will be available across all search engine results. Furthermore, you can post links to your website across different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, which can attract more audience to your website.

  1. Edit and make design changes (if required)

After building your website, you might need to make adjustments to the layout, style, or content. Squarespace makes editing simple, enabling you to update content on any page with ease. On Squarespace, changing the design is simple and straightforward. Many of the design options for your site are accessible to you when you initially select a template.

However, you can use the Design tab in the Home Menu to make more intricate alterations if you wish to go beyond the fundamental design options. You can modify the look of your site in a number of aspects under the Design tab.

In this blog post, we have discussed the basics of using Squarespace, as it is one of the best content management systems currently. We have discussed how to create a new website, choose a template, customize your design, add content, and use the different features that Squarespace offers. We hope this blog post has been helpful.