Hour Model

Unique model to serve your business requirement with full dedication and agility.

Hour Model for Your Company

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Delostyle Studio proudly introduces the “Hour Model” – an agile and convenient way to access expert IT consulting services precisely when you need them. In the fast-paced world of technology, our Hour Model offers flexibility and responsiveness, allowing you to tap into our consulting expertise by the hour.

Imagine having a team of seasoned IT professionals at your disposal, ready to address your IT consulting needs at a moment’s notice. With our Hour Model, you gain access to our vast pool of talent.

Hour Based Services
Book hours based on requirement
Perfect skill match
Fit to your monthly budget
Complete flexibility based on requirement

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We remain by our services and we are completely in charge of each of the code that we compose for our customers.

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Why Choose the Hour Model?

01Flexibility Redefined

The Hour Model empowers you to control your IT consulting services budget with precision. Pay only for the hours you use, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

02Instant Expertise

Whether you need quick advice, troubleshooting, or guidance, our team is just a click away. Our experts are available to assist you promptly, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.


Need more hours during a busy period? Or fewer hours during a lull? The Hour Model adapts to your evolving requirements, providing the scalability your business demands.

04Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our consultants are at the top of their game, well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. When you choose the Hour Model, you're tapping into a wealth of IT consulting knowledge.

How It Works?

01Hourly Engagement

You decide how many consulting hours you require, and we allocate the experts accordingly.

02On-Demand Support

Contact us whenever you need assistance, guidance, or advice regarding your IT challenges.

03Immediate Response

Our team responds promptly, ensuring that your issues are addressed efficiently, and your questions are answered accurately.

04Cost Transparency

With our Hour Model, you get full transparency in your tech services expenses, making it easy to manage your budget effectively.


Hour Model drives the business.

Our experts are available to help your process run flawlessly. Get in touch with our experts and know more about Hour Model.

HM help brands adapt and thrive in the professional world

We’re here to show you that the search for resource is over.

You will get a team of specialists with the required skill set to complement and expand your own team’s capabilities. What’s more, a dedicated team is ready to start working on your project within the shortest time possible.

Create solutions and grow your business

Delostyle Studio’s Hour Model is designed to make IT consulting services accessible and efficient. Whether you have a specific question, require technical assistance, or seek expert advice, our Hour Model puts you in control of your IT consulting needs. Harness the power of on-demand IT consulting with Delostyle Studio and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of technology.