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Task Based Model for Your Company

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Even if you need to hire a single software engineer suitable for a certain task, finding one may take quite a lot of time and effort. At the same time, you will also have to help the new employee adapt to the team and onboard them, which may be quite difficult and time-consuming.

Choose Delostyle Studio’s “Task Based Model” to experience a dynamic approach to addressing precise IT consulting needs with efficiency and accuracy. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, our Task Based Model has been designed to present you with tailored solutions, allowing you to access expert IT consulting services for specific tasks and projects.

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Why Opt for the Task Based Model?

01Precision Solutions

The Task Based Model allows you to pinpoint your need for tech services that are well-equipped to meet your immediate needs, ensuring that you get precisely what you require, with zero compromises made.

02Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the burden of retaining a full-time IT team. You pay only for the specific tasks or projects you need assistance with, reducing unnecessary expenses.

03Expertise on Demand

Need assistance with a particular project? Or a one-time consultation service on a critical matter is on your mind? Our experts are readily available to cater to your task-specific requirements.

04Comprehensive Scope

Delostyle Studio's consultants boast comprehensive expertise, enabling us to address a wide range of IT challenges and projects.

How the Task Based Model Works?

01Task Definition

You define the specific task or project that requires IT consulting services, outlining your objectives and expectations.


Our IT experts collaborate with you to devise a strategy tailored to the task at hand, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

03Task Execution

Our dedicated team works diligently to execute the task or project, leveraging their specialized skills.

04Quality Assurance

We ensure that the task is completed to your satisfaction, providing a seamless and efficient experience.


Task Based Model drives the business.

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Task Based Model help brands adapt and thrive in the professional world

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Our Task Based Model is the epitome of flexibility and efficiency, when you are seeking tech services that are in sync with your business needs. Whether you have a single task or a specific project, our Task Based Model allows you to leverage our expertise precisely when you need it. Experience the convenience of task-specific IT consulting with Delostyle Studio and navigate the technology landscape with confidence and ease.

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Picture a scenario where you have the freedom to engage IT consulting services on a per-task basis, eliminating the need for long-term commitments. With our Task Based Model, you gain access to our extensive pool of IT experts.